About RAYZA Carpets & Lines

Sobre a Rayza Tapete & Linhas
About Rayza Carpet and Lines
RAYZA was founded in 1984, as a yarn processor for crochet, knitting and macramé, having introduced the manufacture of rugs in 1997, investing in cutting-edge technology and differentiated products.
Create, develop and produce products with a different reference from those existing in the national market, offering Brazilian homes the best designs and color combinations for a pleasant decoration, also offering soft threads and a high technological level for the production of beautiful crafts, generating satisfaction for their customers. customers and ensuring profitability for the company for the continuity of its activities and projects.
Sobre a Rayza Tapete & Linhas

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To be the main manufacturer of high quality carpets and threads in Brazil.
Full support for customers and partners.
Valuing employees.
Constant innovation, both in products and procedures.
Social and Environmental Responsibility.
The products manufactured by RAYZA stand out in the market for their fine standard of finishing and their guaranteed quality, both in carpets and yarns. This high standard is guaranteed by the continuous improvement of production techniques, quality of raw materials and the use of modern production technologies.
RAYZA's standard is the responsible management of natural resources, with several investments in the environmental area, they have regional recognition for their attitudes towards ecological balance, serving as an example for other industries in the region. We can highlight the effluent treatment station, environmental certification and the reforestation of the banks of the Mogi Guaçu river, which runs alongside the company's facilities. Always attentive to its social responsibility, the company participates in social and awareness-raising projects in partnership with schools in the region, with student visits to the company's facilities where all the processes and ways to avoid harm to the environment are shown. Attitudes and examples that must remain alive in the training of young people so that they can practice these actions in their future professional life, aiming not only for today, but for the continuity of the practice and the awareness of the largest possible number of citizens.
Our story
RAYZA Carpets and Lines works with the aim of offering its customers the best products, with the most advanced technology in the textile market. With a total area of ​​more than 150,000m² and a built area of ​​more than 10,000m², we are certain that the decoration of a home is of vital importance for harmony and quality of life. RAYZA believes that correct and harmonious decoration contributes to everyone's well-being, reflecting good feelings and contributing to the creation of a beautiful and cozy environment. RAYZA Carpets and Lines – Harmonizes your home. Take advantage of the 2016 Collection launches and choose right now the ones that best suit you and your home.
Rugs & Lines, has been operating in the decorative rugs and crochet lines market for 39 years. Known nationally for the innovation and quality of its products, RAYZA always seeks to improve its processes, aiming for greater durability, quality and adaptation to the needs of our customers. Seeking to adapt to trends and constantly develop new technologies, RAYZA has achieved prominence and continues every day, with a lot of work and commitment, consolidating itself as a reference company in the textile market in Brazil, producing products that respect the environment. Environmental License nº 142/2011-SM Using exclusive technologies, it stands out for its versatility and pioneering spirit. Various RAYZA rugs decorate environments from the north to the south of the country. Doormats, living room and bedroom rugs, kitchen and bathroom sets are present in the home of Brazilians who already know and trust RAYZA's quality. The RAYZA Lines are the most beautiful crafts, clothing and decoration works. Artists and artisans give light to the common creativity of the Brazilian people by creating bags, blouses, accessories and decorative items with RAYZA's traditional crochet lines.